Carry close

"Carrying a newborn close to your heart is like being in seventh heaven," said BabyBjörn's founder Björn Jakobson back in 1973. And that is the foundation for the thoughts we have about how we carry our children. The goal of all baby carriers is for parents to love carrying their children – and for the baby to love being carried by his/her parents.

Carrying a newborn close to your
heart is like being in seventh heaven

Our baby carriers are designed to provide as close contact as possible between parent and child, with baby's need for closeness and security underpinning the design. 

It is important to us that our baby carriers are easy to put on – even in the middle of the night, without assistance. And that it is just as easy to put children in and take children out of the baby carrier without them waking up. This is one of the reasons why our baby carriers are recommended by paediatricians and child psychologists the world over.

Security from day one

Small babies need a lot of bodily contact during their first months to feel safe and secure. When you carry your little newborn close to you in the baby carrier, high up on your chest, you help ease him or her through the overwhelming transition from life inside mummy's tummy to the new world outside. Your body heat, the sound of your heart beating and your voice are familiar and a source of security. The closeness to you becomes a quiet sanctuary in a world full of new impressions, and your little baby learns to trust.

Being seen, heard and carried are basic needs for small babies, which are just as important as eating and sleeping. As a parent, when you carry your child in a baby carrier, you learn to see, interpret and meet your little baby's needs. Eye contact and physical closeness create an emotional bond between you that is crucial for your child's development and for your future together. The security you give your little child forms a sound basis for good self-esteem later in life.