Baby Carrier Miracle
Baby Carrier Miracle • Black/Silver • Cotton Mix
Baby Carrier Miracle • Black • Mesh

Baby Carrier Miracle

  • Comfortable with waist belt and back support
  • Perfect for use from birth with inbuilt infant insert
  • Front-facing carrying option
  • Can be used from newborn up to 15 months

Black/Silver, Cotton Mix

Cotton Mix


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The story behind the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle – product development

History behind Miracle

When visiting test families, our product developers often heard that parents wanted to carry their children in the baby carrier until they were able to walk unaided.

The product developers began to look into developing a new baby carrier that would be comfortable to carry children of up to 15 months of age (which is equal to approximately 12 kg). One prerequisite was that it must be safe to use from birth, just like our previous baby carriers.

Variation – the key to ergonomics

Children often triple their weight during their first year and their parents are of varying shapes and sizes. Our test families had very different opinions on how to carry their children comfortably. That's why we wanted to develop a baby carrier that was flexible and adaptable in many different ways, to meet the needs of a growing baby as well as of the parents, with their differing sizes, preferences and tastes.

Changing positions is often important in ergonomics. We gave the baby carrier a very large and adjustable waist belt to enable parents to shift the weight between their shoulders, hips and waist. The product developers also added the ability for parents to switch between carrying newborns high up on their chests and carrying slightly older children lower down on their bellies. Just as in our previous baby carriers, babies can be carried facing outwards from 5 months of age.

The story behind the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle – ergonomic design
The story behind the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle – soft and comfortable

Soft and gentle for sensitive skin

For someone who is new to life, being carried in a baby carrier should feel cosy, snug and soft. That's why we wanted our new baby carrier to have an extra-soft design. All seams have been placed on the outside so as to not chafe baby's arms and legs. The head support straps have extra padding and feel soft against the baby’s cheeks, and we developed a new fabric for the entire inside of the baby carrier that is extra-smooth and gentle against a newborn's sensitive skin. 

Tests together with hundreds of families

Two years of intensive work and hundreds of hours of testing, together with just as many parents and children, were required before our product developers could finally present our Baby Carrier Miracle – a safe, flexible and comfortable baby carrier in which to carry your baby – from birth up to 15 months.

The story behind the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle – tester