BABYBJÖRN Changing Bags

We’ve launched a number of different changing bags over the years and we're delighted to announce the arrival of Changing Bag SoFo – a brand new changing bag with a stylish design and simple solutions – made with the help of real mums and dads on maternity and paternity leave in Stockholm’s trendiest neighbourhood. 

Changing Bags Then and Now

 BABYBJÖRN Changing Bags have altered their look over the years but always been practical and of premium quality.

BABYBJÖRN Changing Bags may have altered their look over the years, but they have all shared two important characteristics: a practical design and premium quality. In the 1980s, our changing bags came in pastel colours and were made of soft fabric, with wooden handles and toggles. A few years later, in the mid-90s, our denim changing bag was the popular choice. Fashionable changing bags in the 21st Century have a rounder shape, a stiffer outer layer and come in darker colours, such as navy blue and black.