Changing Bag SoFo
Changing Bag SoFo • Grey/Lavender

Changing Bag SoFo

  • Carry as a tote, messenger bag & backpack
  • Large and roomy with space for everything you need 
  • Multiple inside and outside pockets keeping you well-organised
  • Attractive, stylish design for both mums and dads
  • Comes with a changing mat in soft Oeko-Tex fabric
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The product developer on paternity leave

David Karpathakis Thalén spends his days working on baby carriers for BABYBJÖRN. When he was on paternity leave with his daughter for six months, he had many opportunities to test products, think about everyday problems and figure out possible solutions for these problems.

“I had never really understood the point of taking walks until I was on paternity leave,” says David. “Before, most of the time I would walk to get from point A to point B. But my daughter wanted to stop to point and look at things, and I walked slower, showed her things and explained them. For us it was better to walk without the buggy or pram, so we used the baby carrier instead. I needed a changing bag, too, but all of the bags I tried were either too big or impractical handbag models.”

BABYBJÖRN had already started the process of making a new changing bag when David returned to the office after his paternity leave. With his own experiences fresh in his mind, he was soon heading the project.

“The test families are most important,” asserts David. “All of the prototypes that we make are always tested by families who use them at home for a long period of time. We go to their home and ask them a lot of questions about their opinions and thoughts about the products. The most important part of our work is to observe how they actually use things. By studying in peace and quiet how the parents used a changing bag, we realized that we needed to add more pockets on the outside for bottles, a lid with a magnetic lock and a zipp ‘adult compartment’ for keys, a cell phone, etc.”

When the test period was over, the test families did not want to return the bags, at which point David realized that he was not the only one who liked the solutions his group had created. Spacious without being too big and pockets and compartments where he wants them. Both David and his wife use the bag. He also grabbed an extra one as it proved to be good for work as well!