Changing Bag SoFo
Changing Bag SoFo • Grey/Lavender

Changing Bag SoFo

  • Carry as a tote, messenger bag & backpack
  • Large and roomy with space for everything you need 
  • Multiple inside and outside pockets keeping you well-organised
  • Attractive, stylish design for both mums and dads
  • Comes with a changing mat in soft Oeko-Tex fabric
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Tips – Changing Bag essentials!

Changing Bag essentials – tips from BABYBJÖRN.

A well-packed changing bag will save the day. But which items count as changing bag essentials? What does a newborn baby need and what should you pack for the slightly older child? A young baby who is breastfeeding or on formula, requires fewer items than an older child. What you pack in the changing bag also depends on how long you’ll be away from home, and on the time of year and weather.

Here is our list of What to Pack in the Changing Bag.
Essentials for a newborn baby:Changing mat, nappies, baby wipes, barrier/healing cream, plastic bags for soiled nappies or clothes, spare clothes, soothers/comforters, small towel, bottle for baby formula (if necessary).
A slightly older child may also need:Toy, snack, jar of baby food, bib, plate and spoon, drinking cup, thermos of hot water, bottle of cold water.
And don’t forget your personal items:Nursing pads, baby carrier, drink, snack, sunglasses, rain protection, book, camera, painkillers, hand disinfectant.

The Changing Bag easily converts into a backpack

BABYBJÖRN Changing Bag SoFo is easy to convert into a backpack as needed.

Changing Bag SoFo is designed to be carried as a backpack if needed. Simply pull the handle on the back of the bag to get two shoulder straps and carry the changing bag on your back. Easy and very practical!

Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap

The changing bag has a shoulder strap which is easy to attach and detach. The length of the shoulder strap is adjustable too, so you can carry the changing bag as a messenger bag over your shoulder.

BABYBJÖRN Changing Bag SoFo has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap.