Designed to lastDesigned to last

Designed to last

We know that everything we do affects the environment. That’s why we want to create beloved parenthood essentials that can be used again and again. Nothing makes us prouder than seeing our products being used by child after child. Buying and selling second hand has many positive effects on the environment – and we want to support this as much as we can. So we’ve collected a few tips on what to consider when reusing or purchasing a second-hand BabyBjörn product*.

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Regularly check that:

  • there are no missing parts

  • the product is not damaged or broken

  • the product is working properly

  • the product is suitable for the age and size of your child

  • the fabric and all the seams are intact

  • all the buckles are intact

  • all warning and instruction labels are firmly attached and legible

Baby Carriers

Designed to lastDesigned to last

Regularly check that:

  • all buckles are intact, can be opened/closed, and click when closed. Please note that not all of our buckles make the clicking sound that, for example, the shoulder strap buckle, head support buckle and adjustment buckle on Baby Carrier One make

  • the loop and button on each leg strap are intact

  • all zips are working properly

Baby Bouncers

Designed to last BabyBjörnDesigned to last BabyBjörn

Regularly check that:

  • it is possible to alter the position, and the red positioner is intact

  • the frame is undamaged and the suspension works

  • the rubber strips at the base are intact and fit well

Travel Cot

Designed to last BabyBjörnDesigned to last BabyBjörn

Regularly check that:

  • the legs and frame of the travel cot can be easily unfolded/folded

  • travel cot is stable and does not tilt

  • all zips work and can be closed completely

  • the tool to open the zips is not missing. If it is, you can easily order a replacement tool via our customer service

  • the mattress is a BabyBjörn original and intended for the cot

Psst! Did you know that mattresses for the travel cot is available to buy separately? This is an easy way for you to refresh a pre-loved travel cot.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact our customer service and we’ll be happy to help you. Thank you for reusing our products and helping to create a more sustainable future!

*These are just a few examples and should not be seen as an exhaustive list of parts that should be checked before use. Always read the manual before using the product. Stop using the product if any parts are missing, broken or do not work as intended in other respects. If you have any doubts about the product’s condition or how to use it, we recommend that you contact our customer service beforehand

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