BABYBJÖRN baby bouncer

Closeness is crucial where you want to be sure that your new baby is protected while you focus on everyday errands and activities. When your baby isn’t sleeping or cradled in your arms, a baby bouncer is the perfect place for them to be. The BABYBJÖRN bouncer supports your baby and lets them play or rest, safely and happily, while you get a chance to take a shower, unload the dishwasher, or simply take a well-deserved break.

With a BABYBJÖRN bouncer, your child can rock back and forth in a gentle motion, and it’s all natural – unlike with a baby swing, there are no batteries required! It’s practical and fun for your baby, particularly if you also let them play with one of our BABYBJÖRN toys, which are specifically designed to fit the bouncer. Its lightweight frame makes it easy to move around from room to room, and you can even take it out and about with you – use our transportation bag for extra convenience. You can keep your child close at all times, and you can both keep an eye on each other!

For extra peace of mind, we’ve crafted each BABYBJÖRN rocker from a range of delicate, child-friendly fabrics that are toxin-free and gentle on your baby’s skin. Our baby bouncers are suitable for newborn babies (minimum weight of 3.5 kg), and they can be used up to the age of 2 years.