Baby Cup, 2-pack




Colourful baby cups – easy to drink from. 2-pack.

  • – Easy for a child to hold
  • – Low centre of gravity makes it hard to tip over
  • – Machine-washable and can be frozen
  • – BPA-free plastic made in Sweden
Baby Cup, 2-pack
Product Color Powder Green
Powder Green
Baby Cup, 2-pack Powder Blue - BABYBJÖRN
Baby Cup, 2-pack Powder Green - BABYBJÖRN
Baby Cup, 2-pack Powder Yellow - BABYBJÖRN
Baby Cup, 2-pack Powder Pink - BABYBJÖRN

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Features and benefits

Stable baby cup that is easy to grip and hard to tip over

The baby cup’s grip-friendly material makes it easy for your child to drink unaided. The shape of the cup means that even the messiest little hands can hold it firmly. The wide base and low centre of gravity make the cup hard to tip over. The contents of the cup can easily be seen through the frosted plastic. Suitable from approx. 8 months.

Easy for little hands to grip

The baby cup is designed according to the way a young child holds a cup and drinks. Grip-friendly materials make it comfortable to hold.

Hard to tip over

The baby cup’s low centre of gravity and the wide, heavy base with a rubber strip underneath help to keep the cup firmly in place. If the child pushes the cup, it slides instead of tipping over.

Durable material

The baby cup is made of a durable material that’s safe for dishwashers and freezers.

BPA-free plastic made in Sweden

Our baby cup contains BPA-free plastic and is made in Sweden. As you’d expect, we only use plastic that is certified as safe for food.

Easy to see the contents

The baby cup’s frosted, see-through plastic means that you can easily see the contents.

Colourful mealtimes

The baby cup is available in several delightful colours that both suit the modern home and match the rest of our kitchen range.

Helpful graduated markings

The baby cup holds 100 ml, and has easily readable markings in ml and oz.

Product facts


Suitable from approx. 8 months.

Measurements and weight

Dimensions: 74 x 74 x 86 mm
Weight: 70 g
Capacity: 100 ml


The baby cup is made of polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

Care instructions

The baby cup is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.


You’ll find the manual for the baby cups here

Buying kitchen products from BABYBJÖRN

At BABYBJÖRN we always put your child’s safety first! When you buy kitchen products from BABYBJÖRN, you can be sure that the materials continually undergo rigorous testing for Bisphenol A (BPA) and other harmful substances, and that they are certified food safe. Our products are also easy to clean and practical to use.

How to use

Colourful mealtimes

Our kitchen range is available in several delightful colours that suits the modern home.

Perfect for Little Hands

Little toddlers hands can grip this cup with perfect ease.

Lovely cup

This cup has a good weight to it.. Just right for little hands that's just learned to pick things up :) I love the cheekiness of it and that it comes in so many lovely colours x

Jeanette, Salisbury, United Kingdom
Perfect for Toddlers learning to use a cup

My LO loves drinking from a cup like a big girl, but always ends up simply spilling all over herself. Enter the Baby Bjorn cup! Now she can hold the cup by herself, and drink without spilling all over. We both love it!

Maryann, New York

Real-life moments with Baby Cup, 2-pack

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