Baby Carrier Harmony in cream colored 3D MeshBaby Carrier Harmony in cream colored 3D Mesh

A safe choice

Children are the most precious gift. That is why it’s so important to us that you feel safe and secure when you carry your child in a baby carrier from BabyBjörn.

A young child’s need of closeness – for comfort, development and attachment – underpins everything we do. By developing baby carriers that are comfortable, safe and easy to use, we want to make it simpler for parents to carry their children closely and as frequently as possible.

All our baby carriers have been developed in close cooperation with medical specialists. All baby carriers from BabyBjörn allow your child to move their legs and arms freely, and provide good support to their neck and head. Additionally, all the materials that come in contact with your baby’s skin are child-friendly and safe to taste. If you’d like to read more about our fabrics, please click here.

We also work closely with parents to keep ourselves up-to-date on emerging needs. Much of our safety work also involves predicting how the product might be used incorrectly and minimising these risks. Only once a baby carrier has successfully completed extensive safety tests and met product standards is it ready to be used by you and your child.


Ergonomics are important for your ability to babywear without discomfort and/or back pain, even for longer sessions. An ergonomic design is also essential for ensuring that your baby is provided with the correct support and able to sit in a comfortable position.


Your child’s hips, legs and spine should be held in the same position in a baby carrier as when you hold them in your arms. The most important considerations are that your baby is sitting in an upright position and their neck is getting good support.

All our baby carriers have been designed to provide your child with good support for the natural curve of their back. You can adjust your baby’s position by gently lifting the backs of their knees, so they’re sitting comfortably, with a deeper seat. All baby carriers from BabyBjörn also provide adequate support to the baby’s hips.


Even a tiny baby can feel surprisingly heavy after a while. This is why it’s important that your baby carrier provides good pressure relief and doesn’t put undue strain on any part of your body. Several of our baby carriers have wide, padded shoulder straps, a waist belt, and back support – all designed to relieve pressure and distribute weight evenly.

The closer to your body you babywear, the closer your child’s centre of gravity, which is more comfortable for you. Babywearing in the facing-out position exerts more pressure on your shoulders, as you are carrying your child’s weight farther from your body. To relieve pressure on your shoulders and back, you can switch between babywearing in the facing-out and facing-in positions. Please note that a baby who is not yet able to hold their head upright unaided should always be carried in the facing-in position.

All of our baby carriers are simple to adjust, so even if you and your partner have different body shapes, you can both use the same baby carrier. If you’d like to know more about how to adapt your baby carrier in the best way, please watch our video tutorials.


  • Make sure you can properly supervise your child in the baby carrier.

  • Never cover your baby’s head with fabric or clothing.

  • Remember to carry your baby close to your body, with their head close to your chin. You should always be able to kiss the top of your baby’s head.

  • Make sure that your baby’s airways are always free.

  • Don’t dress your baby too warmly in the baby carrier, since they gain body heat from you as well.

  • Double-check that all the buckles are securely fastened/locked when using the baby carrier.

  • Do not lie down with your child in the baby carrier. Do not perform any sporting activities when carrying your child in the baby carrier.

  • If you need to bend down, bend your knees and not at the waist, so your baby remains in an upright position.