baby with small bibbaby with small bib

Celebrating Milestones

To be a parent is all about celebrating your little one’s developmental milestones, both big and small. Here to help during times of transition, like learning how to self-feed or ditch the diaper, are our best tips, tricks and products. Making the journey toward your baby’s next milestone easier and more fun!

Your child & potty training

toddler on potty trainingtoddler on potty training

From diaper-baby to potty-toddler—once your child starts to use the potty, this marks a big shift. Here to make the transition easier are our functional (and stylish!) products, as well as our potty-training guide, full of tips and tricks.

Your baby & food

toddlers eating with BabyBjörn dinner settoddlers eating with BabyBjörn dinner set

Going from formula or breastfeeding to gradually eating solids is a big step: we’ve gathered here our best tips (and a fave veggie recipe) for when it’s time for your little one to learn how to self-feed.