Close is the best placeClose is the best place

Close is the best place

Newborn babies need a lot of closeness. That’s why we’ve created products to help you and your baby keep a close connection during those special first weeks and months together.  Our baby carriers are made with the softest materials and gently support your baby.

Baby carriers for newborns

Close is the best placeClose is the best place

Our baby carriers are super-comfy, safe, and easy to use and adjust. They’re machine washable and made with materials that feel soft against your baby’s skin. Read more in our baby carrier guide.

A cozy and easy start

We’ve created a range of products that make those first weeks and months easier and cosier. Safe, comfortable and high-quality products crafted with love and care for days and nights with your newborn.

Why closeness is so important

Close is the best placeClose is the best place

Closeness has a positive impact on the relationship between parent and child, and helps both to relax. It also stimulates the bodily systems that are important for the baby’s nutrient uptake and growth.

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