Dark Green Harmony is here

Our Dark green is a beautiful neutral colour that symbolises harmony, well-being and an enduring connection to nature.

Dark green is a stylish and versatile colour that’s easy to combine with different outfits and styles. The mesh fabric makes it super-comfy for every occasion, from outdoor adventures and running errands to everyday life at home.


Baby Carrier Harmony

Baby Carrier Harmony in Dark green 3D Mesh - BabyBjörn
Baby Carrier Harmony Dark Green with soft 3D Jersey head support and airy and soft 3D Mesh fabric

3D Mesh, Dark green

Baby Carrier Harmony helps you stay close to your baby in a safe and ergonomic way. Maximum comfort for your child and maximum convenience for you. Harmony comes in an airy mesh fabric and is now available in our stylish new Dark green.

Why Dark green: the story behind this colour drop

We’re pleased to launch our popular Baby Carrier Harmony in this beautiful new neutral, dark green. Green is a colour that we see more of during times when our well-being is more in focus. It’s a gentle reminder to create space for wellness and balance in our everyday routines, and to connect with nature. Our Dark green will be available in our popular and super-comfy mesh fabric.


“Dark green is both stylish and versatile. The colour is a wonderful reminder to go out and connect with nature together with our babies, whether going for a walk in the woods or having a picnic in the park. Creating space for everyday wellness is so important, and a comfortable baby carrier makes it so much easier and cosier!”