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What’s the difference between a baby swing and a baby bouncer?

Baby swing or baby bouncer – which is best? We explain the pros and cons by looking at the differences and similarities between a baby swing and a baby bouncer.

Both bouncers and baby swings imitate the rocking motion with which your baby is familiar from in the womb or when you hold them in your arms. This has a calming effect, and most babies are comforted and satisfied when sitting in a bouncer or baby swing.

The main difference between a baby swing and a baby bouncer is that the bouncer rocks naturally, while many baby swings are electric or battery-powered. Below you’ll find our list of the common features of a baby bouncer and a baby swing, as well as the specific benefits of each product.

Common features

  • Rocking motion that comforts your baby

  • Cosy place for your baby to sit close to you

  • Can be used from birth

Benefits of a baby swing

  • Often has several speed settings

  • Often comes with toys

  • Can often play music

Benefits of a baby bouncer

  • No batteries or power outlets required

  • Lightweight and easy to move around and take with you

  • Soft natural rocking that stimulates your baby’s motor skills

  • Easy to fold up and put away or take with you on journeys or outings

  • There are toy bars that an adult can easily put on and take off, depending on whether they want the baby to relax or be stimulated in the bouncer.

  • The fabric seat is easy to change and machine washable

  • Completely quiet, as no motor is needed

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