When to start potty training? 5 signs your child is readyWhen to start potty training? 5 signs your child is ready

How to succeed with potty training: tips to help your child choose their potty

Has your child started to feel annoyed by nappies and become interested in your bathroom visits? We’ve collected our best potty training tips to make your journey to being nappy free a little easier.

Has your child become more interested in your bathroom visits and what goes on in there? Then they are probably ready to stop using nappies and start potty training! Here are our best potty training tips to make the journey to being nappy free easier for both children and parents.

• Keep the potty close by! Our beautiful potties in a timeless design don't need to be hidden away. This way, your child will have time to familiarise themselves with the potty and prepare for potty training.

• Avoid drinks just before bedtime. It will be easier for your child to stay dry during the night if you avoid or reduce the amount of baby formula or other drinks just before bedtime.

• Buy underwear that your child really likes. Today’s nappies are so absorbent that your child may not even feel that their nappy is wet. Try letting your child choose a pair of underpants that they like. This way, they will feel more grown up and, at the same time, immediately aware if they get wet and uncomfortable.

• Make it fun to go potty! If your child is curious when you go to the bathroom, then it’s probably time for potty training. Let them accompany you and explain to them how to do it. Make it exciting to use the potty or toilet!

• Be patient. The last but perhaps most important tip. Let it take time and allow for a few weeks’ break if your child really isn’t keen on the potty right away.

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