Potty training with our potty training kitPotty training with our potty training kit

Make the journey to being nappy free fun and easy

Our bathroom products makes potty training more fun, flexible and appealing. Potty chair, stool and toilet training seat with clever details that make it easier to say goodbye to nappies.

Our bathroom products are designed to make it easier for your child to stop using nappies. The range includes a potty chair, a step stool and our popular toilet training seat – everything your child needs to learn to use the potty and toilet unaided.

These are just some of the reasons why our bathroom products are so popular!

Easy to use
Carefully designed products that make it easy for your child to use the potty, reach up to the sink, or put on the toilet training seat.

Comfortable design
Potty chair with high back and soft contours that make it super-comfy to sit on.

Attractive colours
Powdery pastels that blend into the modern home.

Durable products that can withstand repeated use.

Made in Sweden
BPA-free and PVC-free plastic.

Easy to clean
Inner potty that is easy to remove and clean.

Perfect as a gift
Stylish design and smart features that make both children and parents happy.

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